Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

When first getting started with VinWorks, it's recommended to create at least one batch and vessel. Once you have both of these in place, the rest of the app's functionality comes together.

Does VinWorks work on iPad or phones?

Yes! VinWorks is fully mobile responsive and should work on all platforms.

Can I adjust fill capacity of a vessel?

Yes, when you are transferring between vessels, you can select the "filled amount after transfer" which will change the filled amount after you submit the log. If you want to manually change this without creating a log, click the vertical ellipsis on the vessel's card to reveal an "Edit" button. Here you can change the filled volume.

How can I create a blend?

Start by creating a new batch with the blend name. Then transfer from harvest or other sources into empty vessels for that batch by selecting the blend batch name in the log form. You can also create a transfer from another batch into this vessel you have started using for the blend, by following the same process and selecting the vessel containing the blend within the "Transfer To" field. Batch history will note which batch the transfer came from.

Can I assign a vessel to a batch without doing a transfer?

Yes, each vessel has an "Edit" button that can be used to change the batch it contains. Click the vertical ellipsis on the vessel's card to reveal the "Edit" button. Contrary to transferring within the batch view, this does not create a history record.

I made a mistake, can I delete a step?

Yes! All batch history has an edit icon. This will affect vessel history as well since it is derived from batch history.

Oops! I accidentally deleted some data and I want to get it back. Do you have a way to recover it?

Your data is backed up on a weekly basis, so there is a chance it exists on a backup. Please contact to see if a restore is possible.

How do I view data charts?

You'll need to enter numerical data for logs under "Preharvest Analysis", "Fermentation", or "Labwork". Then visit the charts section and use the form to display which data you'd like to see in chart form.

Can I print logs?

Yes! You'll find the icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click this to print your log.

Can I download logs to an Excel file?

Yes! Visit the "Settings" page for your account, which is located in the expandable menu in the top left corner of the screen. Once on this page, click "Download Data".

I bottled. How do I reflect this in the cellar?

Each batch has an "Edit" button in the cellar with an option to mark as bottled. Click the vertical ellipsis on the vessel's card to reveal the "Edit" button. Once on the edit screen, select a "Status" as bottled.

Can I reorder batches and vessels?

Yes, click the "Reorder" button on the Batches or Vessels pages to do so.

How do I empty a vessel?

Vessels are emptied using the "Transfer / Filter" area in a log or by clicking "Edit" on a particular vessel to change the batch that's contained as "Empty".

Question not covered here?

Feel free to reach out!